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Master Project: Cloud Native Applications

In this master project our student team investigated on different concepts and technologies for building cloud native applications. They conducted an in depth performance evaluation of Kubernetes and Marathon/Mesos and architected a comprehensive cloud-native video streaming solution. 

This project received the T-Systems award.

Master Project: IoT Engineering

In this master project the student team designed an e-ink display with a special focus on low power consumption and secure communication enabling new use cases. Based on this innovative technology, the team developed a versatile family display with facebook integration considering the complete product development process, starting with the hardware / software design, through production to marketing.

This project received the MHP award.

Master Project: Advanced Patent Search

The Advanced Patent Search solution gives patent attorneys the ability to conduct patent searches based on linguistic search techniques. In particular, full-text searches can be made by means of arbitrary texts as a search query. In addition, all elements of patents can be searched textually, including illustrations. For this purpose, methods of artificial intelligence for text extraction and object recognition were used.

This project received the MHP award.