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Paper accepted at GECON 2019

Our paper "Cost-optimized Parallel Computations using Volatile Cloud Resources" has been accepted for the 16th International Conference on Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems & Services (GECON2019) in Leeds, UK.

Cost-optimized Parallel Computations using Volatile Cloud Resources

Jens Haussmann, Wolfgang Blochinger, Wolfgang Kuechlin

Abstract: In recent years, the parallel computing community has shown increasing interest in leveraging cloud resources for executing parallel applications. Clouds exhibit several fundamental features of economic value, like on-demand resource provisioning and a pay-per-use model. Additionally, several cloud providers offer their resources with significant discounts; however, possessing limited availability. Such volatile resources are an auspicious opportunity to reduce the costs arising from compu- tations, thus achieving higher cost efficiency. In this paper, we propose a cost model for quantifying the monetary costs of executing parallel applications in cloud environments, leveraging volatile resources. Using this cost model, one is able to determine a configuration of a cloud-based parallel system that minimizes the total costs of executing an application.