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Student team received T-Systems Award for best Master's Project

Our student team received the T-Systems Award for the best master's project. In this project, the students developed a video streaming platform based on microservices and cloud computing technology.

Project Description

The goal of the project was to design and implement an application architecture capable of taking advantage of a cloud environment. The resulting architecture autonomously adapts the compute resources required based on the workload. Based on existing open source technologies, an application has been developed that processes on-demand video content and provides it to any number of users in various formats and quality levels. To implement the pay-per-use model for the application, it was designed using microservice architecture and container virtualization. All microservices can be scaled independently using a self-defined algorithm. In order to make the best use of the allocated resources, the tasks to be processed are split up using a master-worker architecture and executed in parallel. This allows the processing time to be influenced by the amount of resources used. As part of the implementation of the application, the container scheduler and orchestrator Kubernetes was used for container management. Further, the HTTP/2 based framework gRPC and the key-value store etcd were employed.


Florian Gekeler
Muhammed Güney
Björn Kraus
Florian Riebandt
Jochen Scheffold