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Paper Published In The 'Cluster Computing' Journal.

Our paper "Cost-efficient parallel processing of irregularly structured problems in cloud computing environments" has been published in the Springer Journal Cluster Computing.

Cost-efficient parallel processing of irregularly structured problems in cloud computing environments

Jens Haussmann, Wolfgang Blochinger, Wolfgang Kuechlin


Abstract: In this paper, we deal with optimizing the monetary costs of executing parallel applications in cloud-based environments. Specifically, we investigate on how scalability characteristics of parallel applications impact the total costs of computations. We focus on a specific class of irregularly structured problems, where the scalability typically depends on the input data. Consequently, dynamic optimization methods are required for minimizing the costs of computation. For quantifying the total monetary costs of individual parallel computations, the paper presents a cost model that considers the costs for the parallel infrastructure employed as well as the costs caused by delayed results. We discuss a method for dynamically finding the number of processors for which the total costs based on our cost model are minimal. Our extensive experimental evaluation gives detailed insights into the performance characteristics of our approach.