Book Chapter published in Springer CCIS

Our article "Model-based Generation of Self-adaptive Cloud Services" has been published as a book chapter in Computer and Information Science (CCIS), Volume 1073 by Springer.

Model-based Generation of Self-adaptive Cloud Services

Stefan Kehrer, Wolfgang Blochinger

Abstract: An important shift in software delivery is the definition of a cloud service as an independently deployable unit by following the microservices architectural style. Container virtualization facilitates development and deployment by ensuring independence from the runtime environment. Thus, cloud services are built as container-based systems - a set of containers that control the lifecycle of software and middleware components. However, using containers leads to a new paradigm for service development and operation: Self-service environments enable software developers to deploy and operate container-based systems on their own - you build it, you run it. Following this approach, more and more operational aspects are transferred towards the responsibility of software developers. In this work, we propose a concept for self-adaptive cloud services based on container virtualization in line with the microservices architectural style and present a model-based approach that assists software developers in building these services. Based on operational models specified by developers, the mechanisms required for self-adaptation are automatically generated. As a result, each container automatically adapts itself in a reactive, decentralized manner. We evaluate a prototype, which leverages the emerging TOSCA standard to specify operational behavior in a portable manner.

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